Lent 2022

“Remember your are dust and to dust you shall return” these are the words that started the season of Lent on Ash Wednesday. A season that is all about breaking down our humanity … even to the point of dust. If our world becomes as little specs, we can’t dictate it, demand it, rely on it … leaving only one choice Him.


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There is no other season in our faith that is better centered around the realities of being human. Lent shows us Christ’s full humanity, the founders of our church full humanity, the full humanity of those around us… and most of all, our own. It can be painful and hard to see/hear/feel …. while healing and life giving to accept…. But the part that I love the absolute most? This season honors that Jesus died for us so we know we are fully loved, fully seen, and fully accepted. The things we humans desperately need the most. It’s our humanity that gives us the desire for Christ’s gift.

And since Sunday I have thought so much about those words that started it all: dust. Can’t we all relate to that? There are the moments in our lives that it feels everything has somehow turned to teeny tiny broken fragments… such a mess we have no idea how it will ever look whole. And so often in faith we talk about God being the answer for putting life back together… the special glue we need. Yet – this Lent I have wondered if the breaking down is the putting back together. When life is reduced to just tiny grains of sand that fall through our fingertips in an instant: is that actually the truth. We can let go of our death grip on life or the supposed to be of life so we can grab onto God… take up the cross… walk with Jesus… die with Jesus… and have new life with Him too?

Dust…. Maybe the answer to our humanity; letting it go to let in Christ.

Wishing you all a beautiful Holy Week and end to Lent. May we all feel the blessings of our fragile humanity… how it leads us to true life everlasting in Him.

Thank you so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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