What’s Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday friends! Today we are changing it up and doing something a little fun: A What’s Up Wednesday! Mix and Match Mama is one of my favorite bloggers and each Wednesday for years she has had a monthly “What’s Up Wednesday” to give a little snap shot of life right now… and she invites folks to link up with her. So for 2021 I am joining the crew!

1 – What we are eating this week: Everyone in our world knows that Danny is the cook. So when he went down for the count some of my favs wanted to know how they could help. I was feeling pretty confident in our COVID life that has groceries delivered, I would be fine. But those sweet souls that know me so well didn’t buy it! From one friend I received generous no guilt door dash cash to order whatever my mama heart needed in this time: coffee, Chik-fila, you name it! And the other friend sent the necessary reinforcements to help when I am stressed, happy, tired… just any time: Oreos. For this week I will be Door Dashing and eating Oreos, living my best life!

Special Delivery January 2020

2- What I am reminiscing about: It seems to be Shannon! As we quickly approach the one year birthday, I am finding myself looking back at pictures all the time. I have loved every stage and yet really would like to pause and make them all last longer! I never really understood what that meant when people say it, but now I do I! She has been such a bright spot if 2020 and I love to look back at my little bug.

Shannon first days at home March 2020

3- What I am loving: This is going to sound CRAZY, but suddenly over the last few weeks it has been the time locked away at hone. This has not been the case most of this year. I miss the movies, restaurants, Target strolling and coffee sipping sitting. And with Dan being so comprised, we will like be locked away for awhile. But lately I have felt grateful. Maybe it was Dan going to Hopkins and thinking we were gonna do that life longer or Shannon growing so fast, but I have really liked the excuse to be home to let me enjoy her more, or gave more minutes that I can dictate versus hours lost to commuting or Target or running errands. Shannon is busy, work is crazy busy, and the household to do list nonstop…. it’s nice to have a few time wasters off the schedule. Even though I would love to eat out.

Easy like Sunday Morning when you have tasted your first English Muffin and want more January 2020

4- What we’ve been up to: celebrating the season! My mom was a Pinterest person before it even existed and our house was always decorated for the season. If there was a holiday she would have the breakfast table or dinner themed and with some type of treat! I loved it growing up and want to do the same here! Right now we are celebrating winter …. and Shannon loves the snowballs!

Shannon is 10 months! January 2020

5 – What I am dreading:
Walking up my office stairs to my loft work space. THIS is where living out of your home from April through Thanksgiving has taken its toll. So many things still left to organize and find a place to be put away… I will get there and for the weekends that come and go with minimal progress – I tell myself I will never have that exact day and time with little Miss S again and I am ok with it just sitting…. but I still HATE walking by it!

6- What I am working on: Getting back into blogging! It gives my creative side an outlet, I like capturing life in this moment and I love to pause and process. Really hope to keep this going strong in 2021!

7 – What I am excited about: We have a check up for Shannon this week and I can’t wait to see how big she is!

Christmas morning standing with her Santa gift December 2020

8 – What I am watching/reading: I read Laura’s book “I Know How She Does It” last fall while I was pregnant and loved it. It really encourages the idea of working to get things accomplished, not the 9-5 office hours mindset. Big project and kids have nap time Saturday? Use that time… that sort of thing. Working in a flexible environment that believes in just getting the work done, not the hours chained at a desk, I hoped to adopt this mindset. Well now Shannon is here… we are in the midst of a global pandemic and there are no workdays, no weekends it’s just days…. and actually the perfect opportunity for this approach. So I bought a copy and plan to read it this time as more of a guide.

9 – What I am listening to: well ya’ll know I have LOVED Father Schmitz’s bible in a year podcast …. it is a 20 minute break I really look forward to daily!

10 – What I am wearing: these Amazon sweatshirts have been my absolute FAVORITE! Warm, cozy, but with a pretty collar that can look nice on zoom when I add my earrings and necklace. I also gifted a few for Christmas and they were a hit!

And a few are on clearance!

11 – What I’m doing this weekend: Organizing my life…. have you seen that meme about how adulthood
Is basically saying every week how the next week life will slow down…. each week has its own new version of full or unexpected and I am working really hard at having weekend be for: REST >>>RECONNECT>>>RECHARGE>>RESET and keeping in mind that may mean getting ahead on work or laundry or that to do list….

12 – What am I looking forward to next month: This year I have 2 Valentine’s and a fun surprise for them both to share!

My twins that will both my Valentines this year! December 2020

13 – What else is new: we are shopping around for a new couch. We have managed to squirrel some bucks away and would like to invest in a family room couch since that is where we expect to be for the foreseeable future… stay tuned!

Thanks so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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