Happy Birthday Bridget!

UVA Picnic May 2020

Happy happy birthday to  Bridget!  Today is the day we celebrate my baby sister  and I wanted to do just that on the blog! 

Happy 1st Birthday Lola & Engagement Katy July 2017

Bridget there are so many qualities you possess, choices you have made, and aspirations you have for your life that I not only admire, but have also taught me many valuable lessons just by watching you. As you celebrate this season of life the thing that has most impressed me is your thoughtful nature. Each next step, every possibility, and your many options have all been given their own moment of consideration. You are of course eager for the future, excited by the opportunities, but not rushed…. not rigid….  open to your life taking all different paths.  So many others at this crossroads is either stuck searching for their exact vision that they lose their way chasing the perfect picture OR the ones who are just so eager to get to the next season they JUMP, fearful to miss something, choose anything! But your willingness to trust the time, enjoy the exploring of options and dose of reality that this is just the next step… not THE step is so wise. This beautiful willingness to be patient, to approach the various options with curiosity, instead of with a checklist of demands is serving you so well now….. and will continue to do so throughout life, since we all know life does not really care about checklists! Thank you for allowing me a spot in your cheering section and to learn from you. 

Happy 1st Birthday Millie! July 2019

For the year ahead I wish for you to see the fruit of your labors in school and in your efforts placed towards your future. I am excited for the next chapter in your adventures in creating your own place to call home and for the new experiences that await you and little Miss Millie. I am looking forward to the many milestones and moments of beauty that await as a young women of strong faith, incredible intelligence, dedication to hard work, inspiring mom, valued friend, and treasured sister. This past year brought so many unexpected and you not only found a way to make the most of it and even enjoy the derailments for you and Mills, but also for the rest of us whose life you bless. As a sister, friend, daughter and Catholic you have already taught me so much …. but this year the gifts you gave me in lessons on motherhood changed my world and grew my heart. COVID gave me and Shannon time with you and for that I will forever be grateful. 

Happy Birthday Bridget Tea January 2018

Happiest birthday to you Bridget! And I can’t wait for a chance to cheers to you in person!



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