Possible in the Impossible

Our little family’s welcome of Shannon and my maternity leave has included some pretty intense events: global pandemic and civil unrest – we also threw in a double lung transplant – and it has been unusual.

Masks were a big part of Shannon’s start to life
March 2020

My heart has felt such surges of highs and lows. Life altering events that have proved challenging but also given our little party of 3.5 true beacons of hope for a very bright future: a new little life and the ability for Danny’s life to continue. Yet outside our little bubble the world is being brought to its knees.

Church Services weremoved to online & my last time in a church was before having Shannon in March when 10 folks could come in to pray
March 2020

These situations are incredibly difficult to begin with – but they are also being made incredibly more challenging by the judgement of each other’s reactions. COVID-19 and the civil unrest are desperate for answers and how to move forward, and with that comes opinions, positions, and a feeling of those who are right and those who are wrong. But when you step back the bottom line for both of these scernarios filled with intense emotion are feelings of fear, hopelessness and that these are impossible situations.

During giving birth the parameters for COVID-19 in the Labor & Delivery Wing were changing: by the end of my time there masks and gloves were required for all staff & can only touch your patience (my OB could not even touch Shannon after delivery as it was not her patient anymore)
March 2020

For my world, they have felt even more impossible because we are in the middle of our own massive changes that already bring a sense of overwhelm- even when they are joyful. What I have had to remind myself is that God is in the business of making the impossible…. possible!

An incredible resource for remembering God’s ability in the hard that I have shared before is Jamie Ivey. For years I have listened to her podcast that speaks of faith, trials, miracles and often racial injustice. During our first transplant I listened to it constantly for strength, guidance and sometimes to fight feeling isolated. I would just play the podcast to have voices at home – and even then words of wisdom would find me! Jamie gives a voice to a variety of causes and reminds us that God has solutions for any situation…. just on his timing and we have to keep the faith.

Our Family Lived for a time Exclusively through FaceTime
April 2020

In 2018 Jamie released her first book. It is excellent and does an incredible job of allowing her to be vulnerable in sharing her story. But one of the things that most surprised me and stuck with me long after I had finished reading it – the ways she reminded us of the Bible stories we know – and honestly, take for granted – and how the show God’s power. Daniel and the lions…. can you imagine facing REAL LIVE LIONS. So I know that story? Yes! Do I remember it when I am feeling overwhelmed with my little peanut or a medical bill or email inbox?? Do I remember that God can help a person face lions, or giant, or wars, or starvation?!!?! If he can do those things- a global pandemic or need for social reform – those things He can fix too!

Shannon met her first cousin Lola through a window
April 2020

If your feeling lost and hopeless, I invite you to check out Jamie Ivey’s podcast and book. And as a momma who has walked the adoption journey (you have to be a warrior to do that…. it is not for the faint of heart) and now parents three blank kiddos as a white woman – Jamie has been a rescource for discussions around race and becoming a better society for many years. All with the help of faith – the true resource for hope.

And she asked her Auntie K to be her Godmother through a car window
April 2020

Jamie, thank you for keeping my faith as the focus and my heart with a reason to hope for many years.

We have had many family events via Zoom
June 2020

Thank you so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

3 thoughts on “Possible in the Impossible

  1. Hi Jackie:) My name is Barb. I used to cut Danny’s hair. I really love the way that you express yourself! You are a beautiful wife and mom and so very strong and wise!!! I am praying for the Bessette family:)


  2. Shannon has made a wonderful impression on us all! Another saint in the making like my other 3 grand children. Love Dad


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