These Are A Few of My Favorite Things – The Wedge Salad

One of my favorite things about being a blog follower is how the experience goes from just following along to eventually feeling like you are taking advice from a friend. As a result of my love for blogs, I have purchased clothes, tried hair styles, decorated mantles, read books, organized my office, discovered health tricks, and become inspired in countless ways! Reading about a solution that an everyday person, just like me, finds enriching to their lives has been really helpful – so here on HALF I thought I would get in on the info sharing action and include a weekly favorites post!  Each week I will share one of my favorites things! The topic areas will range from favorite clothes to organizing solutions even some health tricks. Really anything that we just can’t live without – or would really not want to – at the Bessette home and maybe you can find something you love too!
Wedge Salad for Summer June 2019
Happy Friday guys! Well it is officially summer around these parts and really no better time to start enjoy fresh refreshing salads. Yes I love my margs and chips with guac…. but you gotta have a little of the good stuff mixed in and a great summer salad is one of my favorites. As I shared with my recent Trader Joe’s post, I am working on both cooking and getting a little cleaner with my meals. In the winter this is a lot of steamed and sautéed veggies- but in the summer it is salads and one of my favorites to order is the wedge – so I have been determined to perfect it at home!
With only a few ingredients and pictures that make constructing it look pretty easy, I was tempted to go my own way. But fearing a bad experience (again cooking is not my strong suit or favorite – so I don’t leave a lot to chance) and wanting to make this one of my new staples that is easy and I look forward to it  – I went to Pinterest. Using this recipe, being careful when preparing, getting some knife skill lessons from Dan, and prepping the all the ingredients for the week at once – A WIN!
Wedge Salad June 2019
You guys I have been eating this almost every night this week and LOVING it. Now it is not the BEST interns of salads that use oil dressings and doesn’t hold bacon…. but loading it up with the raw veggies it is still a great option – and when I eat it before the rest of my meal, I don’t go back for seconds on that baked potato. This is a win for me and as soon as Dan can swallow better (sigh….) he is looking forward to enjoying them too!
So if you are looking for a fresh summer salad that can be prepared in one day, eaten all week, requires 6 ingredients and is tasty – this is the one! And for those of you who are not as fearful as me, there are options to add basalmic, there are other veggies you can throw in and there are substitutes galore if you don’t want bacon on your daily diet. So let me know if you try it out…. especially if you add a fun flair that even this simple chef could try!  I just make get the hang of this cooking thing after all …. but Dan- DON’T stop recovering cause I will be HAPPY to give this responsibility right back to you!
Wedge Salad & Dinner June 2019
Wishing everyone a great weekend!
Thank you so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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