Giving Tuesday Could Change A Life

These Two Have Each Other Thanks to Charitable Organizations
November 2017

Hey friends and happy Giving Tuesday!! It has been a fun few days with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Just like everyone else I am really enjoying following along with my favorite bloggers for their fun gift guides, exciting sale announcements and the promise of getting you all ready for the Christmas season. Over the weekend I appreciated the messages from business owners or direct sales companies who have given folks the chance to be their own boss and what buying from these companies means to a family. So this got me thinking a lot bout Giving Tuesday and how your choice to support an organization can actually be life changing to someone.

When I look at our little world I am struck by the reality that without charitable organizations we could not have this life. If it were not for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s dedication to improving the quality of life and searching for a cure – Danny and all other CF patients would not even be here. If it were not for Children’s Organ Transplant Association Danny and I would not have the financial resources for transplant life. If it were not for organ donation organizations (Donate Life, American Society of Transplant, and many more), Danny would not have received a life saving lung transplant. If it were not for the Red Cross there would not be blood available when he had a transfusion. If it were not for associations I would not have a career. If it were not for the door security and safety industry I would not have a job. If it were not for DC Shiba Inu rescue we would not have our puppy dog. Without these organizations that count on the generosity of others – our life would not exist.

But Giving Tuesday is not just about the money – it is also about the opportunity to learn the many ways we can choose to improve the world. All of these organizations, each one of these initiatives, were created and able to survive today because they have become someone’s passion. Volunteers have chosen to make this their way to improve the world. And Giving Tuesday gives all of us a chance to say “hey, check out this way I have chosen to influence the world – join me, won’t you?” What a powerful message. Yes these requests mostly dominate social media, but if you think about it the invitation is just the same as if someone offered you a hand to walk with them and learn more. Sure, we all can’t support everything that comes along, but we certainly can listen with an open mind and grateful heart.

So often we hear the criticism of this era: social media has inflated the demand for perfection, we all don’t listen to each other anymore, everyone is out for their own agenda. And depending on the day those perceptions are difficult to challenge, but when someone chooses to be vulnerable and share a cause that means something to their life, their family, or just their heart in hopes that others will listen and maybe support – we have the opportunity to change that conversation. We can choose to be accepting and supportive just by learning a little more and maybe giving.

As someone whose whole life is made possible by the decision of others to improve the planet in various different ways, I want to encourage you to support something on this Giving Tuesday. In our world alone we are grateful for those who support the work with Shibas and the life changing organ donations – one may seem more life altering than the other…. but I promise you both have enriched our lives. If you too choose to support something, you have no idea the ripple of change you are putting into the lives of others. But remember, also choosing to learn, to listen, and to support through encouragement is just as valuable on this day of giving too. Comment on friend’s messages, note how you have learned from their organization, or you are impressed with their commitment to volunteer. Let’s really kick off this holiday season with some amazing giving in spirit, time, support and donations when possible and really make the holiday season bright for one another.

A few other organizations that have touched our lives:
Catholic Charities
National Right to Life
Bishop O’Connell High School
Community Coalition for Haiti
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Fort Dupont Ice Arena

Thank you so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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