Have a Little Faith in We

Cheers to a New Year 2018! (St John 2013)

Hey friends! With a new year and following a bit of an extended break, I am coming back to the blog with lots of new energy, new ideas …. really a new “why”. Why am I here… why do I like to do this….why do I focus on capturing particular things? So today I am posting the why to Have a Little Faith in We.

In 2014 I started blogging on our original blogsite here. For a few years I had been an avid blog follower. It was so much fun to get to know people from all different walks of life, at unique points in their life, sharing their view of the world. My variety of favorite reads had all different subject matters: lifestyle bloggers, mommy bloggers, fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, travel bloggers, photographer bloggers, Christian bloggers, planner bloggers…… I was in awe at the way they seemed to live with purpose and then share that life with the whole world. Following along I began to think differently, I found myself inspired to discover my own passions, and most influential: it ignited this feeling of possibility. So I started dreaming of creating my own blog.

My first two years I was figuring it out….. and it was an adventure. I spent a LOT of time…. a chunk of money…. and a decent amount of mid-night oil…. and although I have come to recognize that it will always be a work in progress (which is a blessing because that means I am still learning…. growing…. blogging) – I had built the foundation. And dang nab it – I am proud of it! Even still that took some time …. and then the whole content thing took some time. In my mind and really heart, I have always known what I wanted to project…. but the words can get jumbled on their way…. or the fear of what others will say can cloud my ability… or the desire to find a way to be successful can point me in a specific direction. This too will be a constant area for learning, but I will say these first two years I was able to find at least the map for what works for me and what doesn’t work for me. I truly felt on my way!

By the time 2016 rolled around our life was in session – BIG TIME. We were going through such a roller coaster of experiences with health, transplant, and eventually recovery the blog became an extension of who I was and what I desperately needed. There weren’t content planners, calendars, goals – I was writing as a source of survival. And I truly mean that, this blog brought me such comfort and cured so much loneliness – I can’t really imagine how I might have coped without it. Even when I received negativity: I was narcissistic and wrote for myself, family shouldn’t have to read about me to know whats going on, I am using Danny’s story to gain readers….. the strength and clarity I was able to find on these pages so outweighed anything remotely negative I fought through an often tough period of learning for bloggers: ignoring the naysayers. This blog was a lifeline and actually without a lot of purpose, it showed my heart… really what I have always hoped to do through this endeavor.

So now here we are 2018 and life is different. The blog has a true chance to be a purposeful place….. a tool in building my dreams and I am so excited. So what is the why now… a few very specific things. My goal has always ben to capture the story of our life….. the memories….the lessons. When I take the time to reflect and write these moments out I am overcome with complete awe in the blessings. I pray for the ability to adequately describe in the words the scene of Danny sharing his story of choosing to live ….. or if I could paint the picture of seeing my mom hug my brother for the first time she saw him post fire. These are moments so charged with incredible emotion – I feel like God is giving me a peak at his view and I long to capture it. Then there is the sharing of our story. Ya’ll life ain’t easy – why do I want to capture those moments, because that is the good stuff. And life isn’t always full of the good….. sometimes it is full of the down right awful, yet in those moments I have lived them long enough to see their incredible beauty too. So I desire to share that lesson here, to give hope with others who might need it. Bloggers helped me to grow healing and hope in my heart and I would be honored to do the same for others. And finally to just talk about life! What are the things that have helped me conquer the mountains? What things have made my life more faithful, easy, fun? I LOVE the community feel that exists here on social media and plan to continue contributing to the good that grows there.

Thank you to all of those who have been reading and following along. I feel treasured by the gift of your time and I hope you know how that act of following along helps to make a little part of my dreams come true! This next phase is so very exciting and I can’t wait to see how Have a Little Faith in We continues to grow. And if there are some of you reading along with questions of what the heck I am talking about or what I really mean by a certain post or what I could do to help you discover your dream – please reach out! I love to hear from my HALF readers! Finally, In 2018 I wish you all a blessed journey.

Thank you so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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