The Last 90 Days Challenge

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Fall 2015

Part of the desire I have to blog, write, and share is based on the profound influence those in this world have had on my life. When your world is often limited to connecting via a computer screen, finding people that fill you with inspiration, hope, and extend an invitation to look at the world differently is life changing. This year I stumbled across Rachel Hollis and have been mesmerized by her faith, energy, and the sharing of her journey to find success as a wife, mother, and professional. Once I discovered her, I devoured her blog, YouTube channel, podcasts, and have her books on my reading list. She has encouraged me to think differently, view life as full of possibility, and to discover the power in sharing your experience. Today I am passing this invite along to all of you.

There are a variety of different resources Rachel offers that I have found to be extremely helpful, but the most influential experience with her and the Chic Tribe is participating in the Last 90 Days Challenge. Often this time of year, lives become so incredibly full the things we all do to be the best version of ourselves (exercise, healthy eating, prayer time, meditation) take a back seat to shopping lists and calendars full of must attend events. Before we know it we are giving up on our personal goals and convincing ourselves that the pending New Year’s Eve will hold all the promise of changes in the future. In fact life has become so incredibly busy and fast, I find each year you are committing yourself to a better next year earlier and earlier. This is why Rachel started the program “Last 90 Days” – you have a chance to end this year differently.

The purpose of this program is to make the last 90 days of the year become a chance to live the best version of you. Using her incredible ability to inspire, motivate, and make you feel like a team member (instead of a failure waiting to happen) – Rachel outlines some simple habits to add to your day. Then each week she shares a little bit more insight on how to seek improvement through a change in mindset, habit, and hopefully lifestyle. These efforts she has you add are not overwhelming and don’t increase with each week. The same few things you have added that first week (like drinking more water, keeping a gratitude list, etc.) continue to be where your focus lives – she just dives in a little deeper each week. Through this experience, the program teaches you small changes can produce high impact result…. it is powerful.

Since October I have been following along, enjoying the community, and taking advantage of the tools provided. But I have yet to complete one week perfectly, often the Friday videos I don’t get to until the following Wednesday, and its not uncommon for me to be be surprised by the theme for the week, because I have forgotten to pay attention to what’s up next. Yet – how I perceive my emotions, my outlook on the day, and the strength of my self control muscles have become better and better with each passing day. This experience has helped me to get to the heart of the matter on a variety of topics (focus, health, marriage, career, blog) and I am astounded by its influence. I have come to realize its not just about being better hydrated, rather its about looking at the time you have and making the most of it. Here I am thinking we are wrapping up the year and its time to start the promises of a better future for January – when in reality I had a whole 90 days to still work towards the best version of myself. Even if I only improve a little each day – that is 90 days walking towards the person I am working hard to become, instead of just waiting to discover what could be my future.

Right now Danny and I are in the middle of a complete life shift. For years we have not been living, we have been surviving. Between medical needs and attempting to still have a life we were tapped out just trying to get to tomorrow. Now we don’t have to live that way…. yet in so many ways we still are! Filling our calendars full because we can, running after every opportunity to experience life – because we couldn’t do so before…. it is exciting, it is a sign of a health, and it is fun. But in some ways we aren’t any closer to some of our big goals. We are having to learn the lessons of balance, of when to say yes and when to say no, and the necessity of asking God for his plans. Having this Last 90 Days Challenge show me the change that is possible through effort every day, based on the mindset you choose to cultivate, and the importance of focus, has been extremely powerful. Even though we are now just below the 60 day mark for the remainder of 2017 – if you are interested in the possibility of change I encourage you to check it. Thank you Rachel for your influence on my last 90 days!

Thank you so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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