Weekend – That’s A Wrap!

Hello friends and happy Wednesday! I hope the week is treating you well and the beauty of this fall is leaving your heart full with the excitement for the holiday season approaching and your toes warm- cause it is Ugg season!!!! If you can’t tell, I am just loving the fall right now! In fact I hope to finish my fall and Halloween decor to share with you all this week… stay tuned! But first a Weekend Wrap Up!
Happy Fall Ya'll from the Bessettes October 2016
Happy Fall Ya’ll from the Bessettes
October 2016
Friday we had one main attraction… Danny came home!! His cold virus was under control and his body was responding well to the meds- so he was able to come home to finish IVs! So we welcomed him home with our favorite pastime…. being cozy on the couch and take out!


Dan's Home!! October 2016
Dan’s Home!!
October 2016
After hospital life, you can’t wait to get out and join the real world! You want to be able to go outside, you miss driving, and you dream of being able to run errands or visit any restaurant you want – whenever you want! The funny thing is that when you actually do get out – whether your the patient or thier family – all you is a hot shower and then just rest. Even if you had several days in the hospital just sitting – you will still need time to just rest when you get out. This Saturday that is exactly what we did and it was so very much needed!


Cozy Saturday October 2016
Cozy Saturday
October 2016
All three of us slept in… all three of us moved to the couch for Netflix… all three of us took naps ….and we just relaxed. Most of the time these lazy sessions end in guilt for me, with feeling I need to be using my time at home for productivity!!! But this Saturday I just soaked it up and honestly, it felt great!


Finally that afternoon I did peel myself off the couch to head to Target and grab the finishing touches for our new coffee bar!!
Our Coffee Bar October 2016
Our Coffee Bar
October 2016
My parents got Danny a traditional coffee maker for his birthday so now we have the whole set up! Coffee is our love language… and luckily we get all ready right in time for the cool weather that has arrived!
Sunday for Danny was another day of resting up – because that evening we were headed for a Heppes family get together to welcome Ganmommy back from her month visiting our mid-west family and to celebrate my Dad’s birthday!!


In the morning I had a great workout… cleaned up… got to mass …. and then ran a few errands with my mom and sister to get us party ready!! Dad’s birthday is October 30- so like it or not, the theme is pretty much always Halloween- luckily he likes it!!


Dad's Birthday Dinner October 2016
Dad’s Birthday Dinner
October 2016
This year we also mixed it with a “munchies” theme. Our local grocery store held a contest to fundraiser for childhood cancer with the prize being a HUGE chair…. that I won! It was sponsored by Cheese-Its snacks, thus called “Munchie Mania” … so Dad’s gift: his munchies throne, some favorite salty snacks and a craft beer of the month club! It was a wonderful birthday!


Dad's Birthday Throne October 2016
Dad’s Birthday Throne
October 2016
Complete with festive Halloween look from Lola…


Lola as Quinlan October 2016
Lola as Quinlan
October 2016
Quinlan gave her a little gift so they could match…. but Lola? She is not so sure about it!


Shiba trying the chair October 2016
Shiba trying the chair
October 2016
It has been such a blesssing to have Danny home. Yes he is still feeling pretty down and out – but we are adjusting and he is working at learning his new limits. I just can’t deny how much better I sleep when we are all under the same roof!! We know this roller coaster is going to keep on keeping on… but it does help you to appreciate the quiet moments. Hope you and yours are enjoying the little things this week too!


Thanks so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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