These are a Few of my Favorite Things: TOWER GARDEN!!!!

One of my favorite things about being a blog follower is how the experience goes from just following along to eventually feeling like you are taking advice from a friend. As a result of my love for blogs, I have purchased clothes, tried hair styles, decorated mantles, read books, organized my office, discovered health tricks, and become inspired in countless ways! Reading about a solution that an everyday person, just like me, finds enriching to their lives has been really helpful – so here on HALF I thought I would get in on the info sharing action and include a weekly favorites post!  Each week I will share one of my favorites things! The topic areas will range from favorite clothes to organizing solutions to health tricks. Really anything that I feel we just can’t live without – or would really not want to – at the Bessette home and maybe you can find something you love too!


How many of you are on a constant quest to eat healthier? Maybe you want to feel better…. perhaps you are looking to shed those pesky pounds….. or maybe it is the summertime heat that has you craving those fresh salads…. If any of these sound like you, we know how you feel! Danny and I are constantly looking for ways to fill our plates with the right stuff! I know, I know – if you are on social media with us or regularly read the blog you are very much aware of our love for a good Chinese take out and movie night or the ease of a cheese pizza all to ourselves (quick – name that Christmas movie!!)….. but the truth is- as Danny and I get older we have become so aware of how we eat directly effects how we feel.  The days of a Wendy’s Baconator as a snack and still having energy to get out and run or just be anywhere but the couch are LOOOONNNGGG gone!! And luckily summertime has us craving a fresh tomato, dreaming of a crispy cucumber, and jonesing for fresh lettuce!


It is true that summertime the fruits and veggies are a big part of our preferred eats, but have you visited the produce aisles lately??? If you purchase the strawberries/raspberry/blue berry combo for your yogurt breakfast, the tomatoes/fresh lettuce to go on your lunchtime BLT, and the kale/spinach/cucumbers to adorn your dinner salad suddenly our whole grocery budget is BLOWN! And let’s not even dare to dream about organic…. sigh……  it is really hard! Then if you do go for broke and get it all ….by Wednesday suddenly everything is not looking so fresh. Well my parents have had the secret to plentiful veggies out their backdoor, organically grown, fresh off the vine, that are ready to eat for a few years now with their Tower Garden and this year…. they gave us one for our Anniversary!! So today’s favorite thing is our new Tower Garden!


Heppes Tower Garden July 2016
Heppes Tower Garden
July 2016
Using the tower garden we will have fresh veggies, lettuces, and herbs out on our deck in droves! The possibilities of what you can grow are pretty amazing and it doesn’t require the garden space, the green thumb, or the hours of maintenance that a farm would need – because let’s be honest having ALL that at your disposal, its a little more than just your regular old windowsill herb garden.  And if any of you are as mechanically minded as my hubby – you will be fascinated by how it works and be excited to join the ranks of the baseball stadiums, neighborhood gardens, and restaurants that are already using it !
Dad and the Heppes Tower Garden July 2016
Dad and the Heppes Tower Garden
July 2016
My parents’ tower garden is well underway – but the beauty of this system is that we can start ours now- you don’t have to wait for a specific time to plant them! To get us started they shared some of their seedlings that were already well on their way…. so half of our Tower Garden has already taken off! The other half will be full before we know it once these little seedlings kick it into gear! And Danny is planning his herbs to plant next as we speak.
If you are interested in your own tower garden you can learn more here and since this is a Favorite Things that is a work in progress…. I plan to feature it over a few different favorites post so you can follow along! Perhaps even review some of the new dishes we have using our fresh herbs and veggies! For those of you who have a Tower Garden please share some of your growing success stories…. we are eager to take full advantage of all the fruits and veggies we can grow!


Our Seedlings and the Cute Plate that came with our gift! July 2016

Thanks for reading… happy growing… and remember to make it a great day!


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