Weekend That’s A Wrap

Hey ya’ll – happy Wednesday!! That’s right its only Wednesday and today was my last full day of work – ALLELUIA!! We are looking at 4 days of life outside the normal routine. Friday I already had off as we are heading to Fairfax hospital for a transplant consult, and then I was granted Thursday off as a congrats for getting through our big meeting….. so 4 whole days!! In total Jackie fashion we have a mix of fun and work, productivity and laziness, and hopefully a few dates. We are really looking forward to it with how fast this last weekend went!

On Friday Danny headed off to hockey so I had a mani/pedi date with my sisters! I am not sure there is a better way to ring in a weekend then a little pampering…..and it is always fun to be out and asked if we are sisters (its the eyes….)! But three girls – 10 fingers and 10 toes … it can take a little time! So once we we are done it was to the fastest place for dinner before a hungry moment, and off to Mom and Dad’s we went for pizza, salad and wine! Being in Ashburn makes these little dinner dates possible, which has been a blessing in this season of life, especially now that Ganmommy is there too. We are lucky to be close.

Mani/Pedi Friday May 2016
After scarfing food and the coach was done with his kiddos we all met at our favorite movie spot…. the basement. This is where Danny watched a movie and Quinlan and I pretended to watch….. and really fell asleep!

Couch Nights May 2016
Saturday morning all of the Bessettes slept in before I threw on my fancy sweats. You know the kind that are so cute you would never dare to wear to exercise, because you need them to run errands in or put on for a movie date at home? And headed to meet my sweet friend Libby for brunch. We did not take one picture and I did not capture the very fantastic old dive we selected for our brunch….. nope, we just talked and talked and talked…. and three hours later we emerged both feeling on cloud 9 from our swapped family stories, exchange of work advice, and a few walks down memory lane.  Sometimes you just need that recharge with a person that truly knows your heart, to remind you that laughing mixed with a little bit of faith and you can do anything. Thank you Libby!!

That afternoon the boys and I welcomed the rain with a couchfest of DVR, snacks and cozy blankets. We LOVE the summer and with our backyard made for fun in the sun, we can’t wait for the full time return of the warmer weather – but in the meantime we are soaking up this cold front that secures much needed downtime each weekend as a family of three!

A little house cleaning and out for some frozen yogurt and we declared it a wonderful Saturday!

Sunday I was up and at em with my circuit training workout….. puppy walk…. wrapping up of the household chores …. and then it was meeting up with my sister Bridget and Mom to head to a bridal shower honoring my cousin’s bride to be! A new Mrs. Heppes will be here this summer so we all gathered for a few games (with “Say Yes to the Toliet Paper Dress” being the favorite) and some toasting to Caroline!

Caroline’s Shower May 2016
Caroline’s Shower May 2016
Caroline’s Shower May 2016
Caroline’s Shower May 2016
Caroline’s Shower May 2016
That evening was filled with mass, a little work to prep for the next day, and BLTs! It may still be chilly outside and the Bessettes may be loving the extra excuse for hanging on the couch – but there is no doubt we are ready for spring and summer foods with BLTs being at the top of the cravings list.

Danny is an excellent cook and I am completely spoiled that he actually enjoys it, so A LOT of our relationship is marked with certain foods. When we were first dating it was his signature mac and cheese, grilled cheeses, and burgers grilled to perfection! During the newlywed days it was champagne risotto and steak. As we travel it would be different things, but BLTs were ALWAYS a staple of Cape Cod and summertime eating -so as we dream of summer Danny has been on a BLT kick and it has been perfection!

BLT Season May 2016
So there we have it – another weekend come and gone! This one was pretty simple and low key as Danny prepared for a family golf tournament on Monday and we have few upcoming weeks of crazy family and friend fun…. but you know what? It was just what the doctor ordered! Hope you had a great weekend and are enjoying a wonderful week!

Thank you for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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