Weekend Wrap

Hey there folks!! Happy Sunday night! I can’t tell you how shocked I am that it is Sunday night…..Sunday night A WEEK AFTER Labor day!! Yea – I blinked and this week was GONE!! It was one of those weeks that you are a great employee – but that’s it. No healthy eating, no working out, little extra family time – just work, work, work…..but I have yet to learn how to live without that handy dandy paycheck – so sometimes those weeks just have to happen. Good news? This crazy busy working gal week began and ended with lovely weekends!  So let’s chat about  Labor Day before we are into New Years Eve or something….
Last Friday started in the most beautifully perfect way – the office closed early! Wahoo! Then on the drive home the most favorite dinner for the Bessette boys and girls was chosen…Chinese!! We had Chinese, watched movies and vegged-out. It was perfect….. perfect I tell ya!
Veg Night September 2015
Veg Night
September 2015
Saturday I woke up feeling refreshed and stepped out into a cool breeze in that early morning, so it was very easy to kick off my running effort for fall. This time of year is my FAVORITE for running. Still warm enough for shorts and t-shirts, but you don’t choke on the heat laden air. It was a great walk/run- that cleared my mind, reset my mood, and reminded me of what a good morning run can do….. minus this crazy week of work – let’s hope it sticks!
After running Danny and I cleaned up the homestead a bit and then tried something new – yoga! At one of Dan’s recent transplant program appointments they recommended yoga and we tried the DVD they provided. It was rather basic which was a great intro for Danny and  a great opportunity to remind me how to approach yoga – stretching, breathing etc!
The rest of the day was spent soaking up the rays and lost in my book. Not the productivity that I had planned (except for a little work on our bedroom project), but a great way to spend an afternoon, ending the night at my parents’ for a BBQ. My aunt was there, Ganmommy was there, and my brother visiting from Chicago! It was a last minute event – but an evening on the back patio soaking up the end of those summer days, just perfect!
Bedroom Project: Nautical September 2015
Bedroom Project: Nautical
September 2015
Sunday was a little slower start….I had hoped to get up early and run again – but my body was recovering from Saturday’s workout excitement so I slept in a bit and opted for a long pup walk instead. From there it was mass, a very important pop into Homegoods – all that deck sitting time has motivated me to add some decor to keep the outdoor living room feel that our new furniture provides – and of course some fall candles!!
That evening, we hosted my in-laws for a some outdoor wine and apps and then dinner by our resident chef, Danny. It was great and such a beautiful night….. we had a wonderful time.
Sunday Night on the Deck September 2015
Sunday Night on the Deck
September 2015
Finally Monday – our bonus day!! And how did I spend that day…..well first I carefully reviewed my to do lists and scheduled day…..and then I looked at how close I was to finishing my book……that with a little encouragement from my husband to actually enjoy a day off and that is EXACTLY what I did! We did manage to fit in another round (more strenuous with Bethenny) Yoga – so that counts as a to do….but beyond that I really only accomplished a tan. It was a great weekend and a perfect so long to summer!!
Bargaining for a Picture  September 2015
Bargaining for a Picture
September 2015
Hope you all have a great week ahead – let’s all search and stretch for a little extra balance of life, shall we? At a minimum – at least some time to enjoy Pumpkins spice and everything nice for this time of year…… welcome fall!
So Long Summer  September 2015
So Long Summer
September 2015

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