Glory to the New Born King…. in All It’s Unexpected

Would you look for the Savior of the world as a teeny little baby laying in a barn?? Unexpected is sort of God’s specialty and a few things I learned about the story of Mary and Jesus’ life this year really has reminded me that His ways are not our own ….. unexpected is exactly where we find God working! … More Glory to the New Born King…. in All It’s Unexpected

The Tricky Part of Joy

This time of year the word Joy is seen often… but it is not just about happiness for the season. Joy is happiness in all circumstances, so “Joy to the World” is not because it is all happy… it is that Jesus is joy that came to a broken world full of mess…. it can exist in joy thanks to Him. My word of 2020 was joy and it is given me one more chance to try and choose it in the MESS of our Christmas. … More The Tricky Part of Joy

Thanksgiving Week

Happy Thanksgiving Week friends! This Thursday we will celebrate Thanksgiving 2020…. the holiday for gratitude in a year that has been interesting for us all! But they say gratitude can change your mood, alter your outlook, and literally lift your spirit! You just have to be dedicated to seeking it, consistent with practicing it, and … More Thanksgiving Week


Happy New Year’s Eve friends! I hope this evening finds you enjoying yourself, reflecting on your blessings and feeling optimistic about a new year…. heck a whole new decade!!  We are at home still in recovery mode and taking it easy. Saying good bye to 2019 and welcoming 2020 tucked away in our little spot … More 2019

The Last 90 Days

When you think of January 1 what comes to mind? A blank slate? A fresh start? A chance for change? So many of us love the option to declare a new year and dream of the possibilities. Even if they don’t always happen or the year brings something completely unexpected, I think the dreaming of … More The Last 90 Days