Yea, Yea What About Those Lungs?

After a little break of talking about post-transplant life on the blog, I have emerged from under the surf. We are blessed with how so much of this process has gone – yet the tough stuff is just tough and I required a break from sharing. After some time and healing, I have realized that reflecting back shows what God has made possible during this experience. Taking the opportunity to share those moments will provide reasons to be grateful and hope to believe in as we move forward. So back we will go, starting with this post. … More Yea, Yea What About Those Lungs?

Happy Spring

Hello friends and a belated Happy Easter!! This weekend I took time to just unplug, so this message is a bit late! My sweet cousin Jaclyn (more like a sister) and her cute little family were here for a visit, along with other fun family and friends, so I took an opportunity to just hang … More Happy Spring

Life Lately

Hope ya’ll are enjoying an awesome week and experiencing some of the beautiful weather we have here in the Northern VA area! 80s and sunshine…. a taste of summer and I can’t get enough! Despite all the rays I am trying to soak up…. there is blogging to be done, so kicking off this week … More Life Lately

Thank you

Hey friends! Tonight was going to be another Life Lately post, but instead I just wanted to pause and say thank you. When life is not what you want it to be you have two choices: be sad or be happy. I hesitate to write those words, there are circumstances in life that happy just … More Thank you

A Fan of Camelot

It comes as no surprise to anyone, in both the blogging world and my regular life – I am a conservative. You will find this to be true in my faith, family life, and political views – but there is one personal hobby/obession/past time that may surprise you, I am a Kennedy super fan.   … More A Fan of Camelot

Life Lately

Happy Wednesday friends! Hope this week is treating you all well and you are finding some time between the hustle and bustle to rest, recharge, connect with your favs, and laugh!! Even though there are moments throughout the day that I have to remind myself that nothing lasts forever – a bad work day, a frustrating … More Life Lately

It’s Now or Never

Hey friends! Thank you for your patience during my hibernation this last week. The point we find ourselves at in our journey has taken a challenging direction. Although I really enjoy and benefit immensely from sharing the experience here on the blog, we have now reached a segment that we are not prepared to openly … More It’s Now or Never