Hello from the Other Side

Family, friends, readers ….. Danny has new lungs. Hopefully you have been able to follow along on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook – because since about 1AM on Thursday, December 1 we have been in recovery mode. The days and times are all a blur….. Danny, myself and our parents are living not by calendar dates or by a watch, but milestones and check lists – making the blog suddenly a little quiet. The reality is we are forced into survival mode, yet the part that is so weird is how very different this experience is compared to past hospital stays – there is incredible joy. … More Hello from the Other Side

Happy November!

Hello friends and happy November! My apologies this post is more than a week from our last one, but if you follow us on social media you know we have been a little busy and my hopes of keeping up with blog just weren’t realistic – such is life. So today I have a check-in with whats going on in our world. … More Happy November!

Life Lately

Hello everyone and welcome back to Have A Little Faith in We! It has been a spell since my last post – life has been full. What better way to get back to it then a little life lately post! Because somewhere between the lessons, the experiences, the faith, and the sharing ….. we are also here to just do life! So here are a few of the highlights from the rest of our summer and welcome into fall! … More Life Lately

Flaherty Family Weekend of Fun

Two weekends back we celebrated a fun filled weekend of Flaherty Family! The Flaherty’s are the extended family on my mom’s side. We are all sorts of loud… excited…silly… crazy…full of opinions and with countless stories – that we like to repeat often! These little moments of regular life – barbecuing, catching up on the deck, sitting in the pocket of sun with my Ganmommy – are the things you will cherish and carry with you… and I am so glad on that weekend we got to just do life together….

There is not a season in which I can’t recall some sort of family gathering with this group. Growing up as one of the more local families, I have been blessed with the gift of celebrating all occasions from baptisms to weddings together. Any excuse we find ends in some sort of large meal and event that extends well past the expected hours of daylight and is sure to leave you tired, but happy (most of the time). … More Flaherty Family Weekend of Fun