My Dream

Sunday night I left the hospital after a bit of an  unexpectedly long day. I enjoyed a gloriously long shower, delicious dinner, and funny movie with my mom, until I eventually crawled into the fluffy warm hotel bed and crashed. My mom was still up working a little with the light and it was barely … More My Dream

Hello from the Other Side

Family, friends, readers ….. Danny has new lungs. Hopefully you have been able to follow along on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook – because since about 1AM on Thursday, December 1 we have been in recovery mode. The days and times are all a blur….. Danny, myself and our parents are living not by calendar dates or by a watch, but milestones and check lists – making the blog suddenly a little quiet. The reality is we are forced into survival mode, yet the part that is so weird is how very different this experience is compared to past hospital stays – there is incredible joy. … More Hello from the Other Side

Happy November!

Hello friends and happy November! My apologies this post is more than a week from our last one, but if you follow us on social media you know we have been a little busy and my hopes of keeping up with blog just weren’t realistic – such is life. So today I have a check-in with whats going on in our world. … More Happy November!

Life Lately

Hello everyone and welcome back to Have A Little Faith in We! It has been a spell since my last post – life has been full. What better way to get back to it then a little life lately post! Because somewhere between the lessons, the experiences, the faith, and the sharing ….. we are also here to just do life! So here are a few of the highlights from the rest of our summer and welcome into fall! … More Life Lately